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Complements and Complaints ~ Client Feedback Handling Procedures

Boating Licence Course aims to continuously improve the delivery of services to its clients and therefore welcomes compliments and complaints about its level of service delivery. By maintaining records regarding the nature of client feedback Boating Licence Course will be able to identify those areas in which improvement is required and, where possible, develop policies and practices to effect that improvement. If you would like to compliment or you have a complaint, you may register your feedback in the following ways:

  1. By discussing the matter, at the time, with the relevant staff member at one of Boating Licence courses;
  2. By phoning Boating Licence Course on 9524 5678
  3. By emailing Boating Licence Course on its general email enquiry line;
  4. By writing a letter to Boating Licence Course.

It is Boating Licence Course aim to deal with complaints in a positive manner. Relevant officers will receive complaints and do this by:

  1. Actively listening to the complainant;
  2. Explaining Boating Licence Course position in relation to the issue and taking action to resolve the issue where possible;
  3. Where immediate action is not possible in response to the complaint, We may provide an indication that further investigation will be required as well as a date on which a further response is likely to be given;
  4. Maintaining the complainant´┐Żs confidentiality where this is required or otherwise requested and keeping a written record of the complaint and action taken or proposed.

In certain circumstances you may appeal to the General Manager of the relevant Division of Boating Licence Course or its Director. If you are still not satisfied, you may direct your complaint to an independent organisation such as the Department of Fair Trading.